AHH MEN - Men's Fashion Designer

Delicate and Modern Fashion Design for Men

Fashion as defined in the Webster’s dictionary is a “social standing or prominence signalized by dress or conduct”. Fashion has evolved from its beginnings, lost are the times of unique dress.
The 20th century designers have traded original design for copy. Trading uniqueness for bigger production quantities and better profit margins. 
It’s time to bring back the art of fashion. At AHH MEN we design and produce all our creations out of our studio in Montreal’s East End. Our focus is on originality and product quality. Not on fast throw away fashion produced in mega quantities.
You are unique your fashion should be too.

AHH MEN - The Team

Our design team, lead by our seasoned artistic director with 25 plus years of experience,shop for new fabrics and trims mostly on the local market as well as abroad only when necessary.  We have a strict testing procedure on all new materials. Wash and care tests are performed on all textiles prior to production to insure the highest quality is maintained.  
We know how important the fit of a garment is and take great measures to maintain it.  Once you have purchased an AHH MEN garment in your correct size, you can be assured that the next will fit the same.
 If you are not sure about your size, please feel free to contact us, it will be a pleasure to guide you in choosing the correct one.
If you have a special body type (short or tall, long arms, large thigh or calves, etc.) let us know when placing your order. The team will make the adjustments necessary as all orders are produced in our facility, so you will always have the perfect fit.
“I come from an era when fashion and design were an art. I like to create and have a daring personality. I’m inspired by the present moment. I have no purpose in producing in large quantities, I prefer focusing on quality and diversity first. After 25 years in the fashion business, I feel the need to innovate but yet go back to the basics when designers were DESIGNERS.”